Preschool Learning Initiative

When it began, the Pre-School Learning Initiative (PLI) of the Rotary Club of Birmingham was designed as a reading readiness instructional program for 4-year olds with the goal of preparing 4-year olds to learn to read prior to their matriculation into the Birmingham K-12 public school system. The PLI was established as a joint program with United Way’s SuccessBySix which administered the club sponsored classrooms. Initially the program was only implemented in privately funded child development centers.

In 2012, the Rotary Club of Birmingham, partnering with SuccessBySix and the Birmingham public school system, established two Pre-K classrooms at Avondale Elementary School. The Birmingham public school system provides the classrooms and funds the teacher and teacher assistant in each class.

The roles and responsibilities of the Rotary Club of Birmingham:

  1. Provides a contribution to support an approved number of preschool classrooms.
  2. Provides volunteers to serve in the pre-school classrooms.
  3. Provides representatives to participate in a variety of events.
  4. Participates in site selection for upcoming school years.
  5. Provides feedback regarding the partnership.

The bottom line is:

  • Pre-school learning is essential to improve the educational opportunities for Birmingham’s youngest students.
  • The Birmingham public school system has a growing Pre-K program.
  • Funding is crucial for Rotary to support additional classrooms in the future.