Past Projects


YWCA Child Care Center’s Toddler Playground, “My Backyard”

In December 1999, the Rotary Club of Birmingham Foundation gave the Birmingham YWCA funds necessary to complete a Tot Lot. The play area was designed to benefit the 100 children who were using the YWCA facilities at the time, many of whom were homeless. In addition to these funds, the Club’s new members donated time and labor to build this playground at the renovated YWCA building. The project gave the homeless children, who are easily intimidated by many things that most children don’t even notice, a feeling of comfort on the playground. The new members met there with shovels, picks, wheelbarrows, and paint and some brought their own children to help do the work and to teach them about community service.


Rotary Roofs

Rotary Roofs are sturdy steel sheds with pitched roods, concrete floors, and lights, constructed in the inner city housing projects as basketball and athletic facilities. These shelters give inner city youth a place to go and safely play, off the streets. The presence of a roof over a basketball court enables them to play in the rain, and because of the lights they can play at night. These facilities have been heavily utilized by all age groups in the community and have given many young people an opportunity to do something constructive with their time, keeping them out of trouble by having a safe place for recreation. The Rotary Club of Birmingham raised approximately $240,000 for the Rotary Roofs Project.



Elememtary School Facilities in Sikuzu, Uganda

The Rotary Club of Vestavia Hills and the Rotary Club of Birmingham came together with several other clubs to raise funds to place a school in the community of Sikuzu, Uganda. Before the construction of the school, children had to walk several miles each way to and from a school in a neighboring village. Having a school in the village of Sikuzu has improved the quality of education and the peace of mind of parents knowing their children are close to home.

The Rotary Club of Birmingham Foundation also provided a generous grant for the construction of air-vented latrines for the school. The Foundation’s goal was to construct two, double-seated, air-vented latrines, one each for boys and girls. The Rotary Club of Birmingham Foundation grant covered the total cost of two large latrines with ventilation for the boys’ and girl’s bathroom with additional funds left over for a school fund.


The Wheelchair Project

Throughout this worthwhile endeavor, our members, with funds matched by the Wheelchair Foundation, provided 480 wheelchairs to young and old who had no mobility. One large shipping container of these wheelchairs was distributed in Venezuela and a second was distributed in the Ukraine. During the year-long campaign each speaker at a Rotary meeting had a bright red wheelchair given in his honor to a person who otherwise had no mobility.